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At Rolling Pictures we’re more than just a post production studio; we’re your support system. Whatever project it may be ー short film,  feature, documentary or TV and commercial  ー we will be there to assist you in every stage of post production from data management to final delivery.

We do dailies, colour grading, mix, record, create visual effects, QC, and deliver your productions wherever and whenever. Whether you need to screen your project or need to record dialogue with up to 10 people, we have our theatre and ADR studios to accommodate you. And being in the center of Toronto’s Entertainment District has its perks, too – we are steps away from TIFF and our neighbours are Bell Media Studio and the Scotiabank Theatre.

And if you need to stay awake while doing post, have a cup of our in-house espresso beverages.

Whatever it is, we got you.

What's with the horse?

Horse in Motion, Edweard Muybridge, ca. 1886

In 1878, Railroad tycoon and former California Governor, Leland Stanford, believed that a horse becomes completely airborne when it trots or gallops. To prove his point, he commissioned photographer Edweard Muybridge to provide proof.

Muybridge developed a way to capture the photos in succession by connecting wires to the cameras. He arranged 12 cameras along a track on Stanford’s estate and as a horse sped by, tripped the wires connected to the cameras and took 12 photos in rapid succession. This became an early form of rolling pictures that paved the way for the motion picture industry.

Much like Muybridge’s dedication in developing the first rolling picture, we are dedicated in bringing your projects to life by giving you the best post production services possible.


We go above and beyond to make sure your vision comes to life

We are passionate; we love what we do. Our team brings a wealth of experience that ensures seamless workflow at every stage of post production.

Michael Forsey


Brandon Tobia

Head of Post

David Hermiston

Head of Technical Operations

Drake Conrad

Senior Colour Grading Artist

Scott Hannigan

Colour Grading Artist

Robert Peace

Director of Community Relations

Angelica Falco

Online Editor

Greg Feir

Online Editor

Hari Ramesh

Online Editor

Hannah Rowswell

Post Production Coordinator

Jade Robertson

Client Service Coordinator

Tom Gravelines

Technical Operations Manager

Darcy Lavallee

Data Technician

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