Bad News: The Baroness Von Sketch Show Season 3 ends tonight at 9pm.

Good News: Streaming is a god-send. You can watch it anytime on CBC and Netflix.

Ten episodes are not enough – we want more! Everyone’s favourite Baronesses will take a bow tonight on CBC for the Season 3 finale of the┬áBaroness Von Sketch Show. Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne, and Jennifer Whalen have been giving quality sketches all season, never failing to make it hilarious and relevant. But it’s not over. The Baronesses are currently filming Season 4 (Rolling Pictures are providing post production services) and will be making a comeback this coming 2019 on CBC.

And remember, you will never miss out on the laughs if you can stream it. If ever you miss the funniest all-female comedy ensemble, you can stream Seasons 1-3 on CBC for FREE!

Catch the Season finale tonight at 9pm on CBC.