Entangled directed by Gaurav Seth will have its Canadian premiere on December 7th at this year’s Whistler Film Festival (WFF) as part of the Canadian Vanguard program. The film follows four university students who experiment with time travel who end up confronting their doppelgangers from the future.


The film stars Marlee Martin, the only hearing-impaired actress thus far to win an Oscar for Children of a Lesser God (1986). She plays Dierdre, a mother to one of the four students, who quickly finds herself in way over her head.


Cast: Paloma Kwiatkowski, Munro Chambers, Robert Naylor, Sandra Mar Frank, Marlee Matlin


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WFF will also feature Unidentified Woman written and directed by Katrina Saville as part of its Shortwork Program. It will be the film’s Western Canadian Premiere on December 5th. The film follows Dawn, who struggles emotionally after her roommate, a charismatic con-woman, robs her of her possessions, money, and identity. Haunted by lingering memories, Dawn takes matters into her own hands in this tense drama.


Cast: Melanie Scrofano, Carolina Bartczak


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We have had the pleasure of providing post production services for both films and excited for its premieres at WFF.