The makers behind the hit Catwalk: Tales from a Cat Show Circuit is back with an equally-adorable companion piece called Pugly: A Pug’s Life. Directed by Michael McNamara and Aaron Hancox, Pugly follows the lives of adorable pugs and the health issues concerning around their breed. It focuses on the efforts of the pug rescue network Pugalug, led by Blanche Axton and her devoted crew of dog nurturers. It also investigates why, despite its health issues, pugs are becoming more and more popular choice of companions.

In the ‘doggumentary’, we meet Gunner, a two-year-old pug with chronic pain caused by a bad hip; magazine cover girl Miss Pickles the Pug; Helmut, star of Toronto’s monthly big-city Pug Grumble park meetup; Titus, a physically disabled and half-blind dog who will not give up chasing and barking at speeding trains; and Tawnie, the sassy bitch with the big vet bills.

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Pugly premieres tonight at 9pm on CBC.


Colorist: Drake Conrad

Online Editor: Angelica Falco


Watch the trailer below:

Pugly: Promo

"When you get a pug hug and you get pug kisses, the world just gets better." Something to look forward to. Coming to CBC Docs POV in January:

Posted by CBC Docs on Monday, December 24, 2018