Tokens is a web series about the actors of an on call casting agency specializing in diversity. It follows actors (like your token Asian characters) who are “on-call” and gets randomly dispatched to productions so producers can meet their diversity quotas. It’s like Uber but for actors.

Created by Winnifred Jong and produced with Trinni Franke, Tokens calls on the challenges of diversity and inclusivity in television and filmmaking. It’s fun, relevant, and relatable in today’s climate of political correctness.

The cast includes Connie Wang (Second Jen) as Sammie Pang, Ryan Allen (21 Thunder), Shelley Thompson (Trailer Park Boys), Sharron Mathews (Frankie Drake Mysteries), Daniel Maslany (Murdoch MysteriesFour in the Morning), Jessica Greco (Northern RescueThe Hummingbird Project), Chelsea Clarke (Degrassi: Next Class), Christina Song (Kim’s ConvenienceSchitt’s Creek) and Russell Yuen (Blood and Water).

You can now stream the full series FREE on Youtube.

Watch the trailer below

Coloured by Scott Hannigan

Sound mixing by Rob Andres