the incredible 25th year of Mitzi Bearclaw
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The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw

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The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw is about Mitzi Bearblaw, a young Native woman teetering on the edge of becoming independent and successful. She lives in a big urban area, away from the Northern Canadian reality of an alienated and isolated Native Reserve. So, it is with regret, she decides to return to (the fictional reserve) Owl Island, to help her father William, care for her non-nurturing, bitter mother Annabelle.

In Mitzi’s reluctance, she forgot she had an amazing trio of friends to come back to.  From the dock to her parent’s house, she drags her feet for what awaits her. Surprisingly, Faith, Hope and Charity appear. Always happy, full of life with a never-ending curiosity for fun and games, they greet her like a lost friend. They can’t wait to continue their quest for adventure. What starts out as disillusioned chaos turns into life affirming solutions for our

The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw  is Written and Directed by artist and director, Shelley Niro.

Starring: Morningstar Angeline, Andrew Martin, Gail Maurice


Turtlenight Productions, Freddie Films, Circle Blue Entertainment