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“Total Dramarama goes back in time to re-introduce our favorite Total Drama Island cast members as four year-olds in a daycare center! They might be downsized… but their personalities aren’t. Inside these pint-sized bodies we’ll find the hilariously familiar characters we know and love – spending the day together at Happy Tots Daycare Centre. And Total Drama Island’s scary but loveable, Chef is now (barely) in charge of everything.  Anything that can go crazy in this “workplace comedy for kids” DOES – alien invasions, giant slime monsters, gladiator competitions,  you name it. The only thing you can count on is that there is NEVER a dull day at this daycare.”

Check out the episode Sickenly Sweet Children’s Singers!

Written by: Terry McGurrin, Andrew Harrison (Season 2)
Produced by: Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch, George Elliott, Brian Irving, Wren Errington, Suzy Queen
Directed by: Keith Oliver, George Elliott