What’s with the horse?

You may be asking, what’s with the horse? Did we get inspiration from Woodbine Racetrack? Or is it because Rolling Pictures owner Mic Forsey, loves Dark Horse coffee? The answer is quite simple, Rolling Pictures is paying homage to the very first motion picture, “Horse in Motion,” by Eadweard Muybridge.

Railroad tycoon and former California governor, Leland Stanford, believed that a horse becomes airborne at some point when it is racing. In 1878, to prove his point, he commissioned photographer Eadweard Muybridge to provide that proof. Muybridge set up 12 cameras  with tripwires alongside the path of the racing horse The cameras would grab a frame in rapid succession as the horse crossed over each wire, thus creating the first rolling picture.

But how come our horse has SEVEN legs? We simply want to show the horse literally in motion. Each frame in the logo is taken from Muybridge’s stop motion picture (Fig.1), representing the horse’s movement as it gallops.

The horse and splicing used in the logo also represents the process in post production; it sums up perfectly what we do during the last stage of filmmaking. The editing, grading, and sound mixing all make up the fulfillment of our client’s vision. And with our slight name change, Rolling Pictures, we’re keeping up with our mission to provide the same dedication and innovation that Muybridge put in creating the first motion picture.

Horse in Motion, Edweard Muybridge, ca. 1886

FIG. 1 “Horse in Motion,” Eadweard Muybridge